LIFE IS GOOD! Peculiar and stylish eye protection - - peculiareyewear

LIFE IS GOOD! Peculiar and stylish eye protection -


Peculiar and stylish eye protection

Choosing the right eyewear is like shopping for a new outfit or fashion accessory. You try on several pieces, because you are looking for the frame that matches your style and personality.

Nowadays, you can even change eyewear depending on your OOTD. Good thing there are eyewear brands like Peculiar & Odd that allows versatility for wearers and the right protection again harmful blue light. 

The Peculiar Eyewear brand specializes in computer eyewear. They offer a variety of styles for girls, boys, teens, adults, male, females of all ages. 

The brand believes in bringing out every wearer’s personal style. Their frames are stylish and affordable and the lenses are equipped with blue lens technology to protect the eyes. 

Curious? Check out their FB and Instagram pages.  Each eyewear comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a blue light tester. Focus the light from the torch on the eyewear lens. The lens can block the blue light, these means it can give our eyes the right amount of protection. 

Computer screens, tablets, smartphone and other digital devices emit significant amount of blue light. Over exposure to this kind of light is harmful to the eyes.  And if people continue spend hours and hours glued to their gadgets they are prone to suffer from damaged retina, increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and photokeratities (sunburned cornea) which can lead to temporary blindness. 


To avoid damage, we should protect our eyes whenever we use the computer or read something from our tablets and smartphones. 

ABS-CBN broadcast journalist and lifestyle content head Ces Drilonreleased her own line of eyewear called Ces Style

She shares……

“I decided to join the e-commerce bandwagon because firstly, I want to share that it should not cost much to look good. I also wanted to share my aesthetic and style sensibilities.

I chose to make my initial foray into eyewear and accessories because I used them every day. Choosing the right eyewear is so important because it frames your face. It can definitely enhance the way you look.” 

Pecular & Odd Eyewear is available in Lazada

It even looks good on me!

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