Peculiar eyewear protects from damaging effects of sun and digital life - - peculiareyewear

Peculiar eyewear protects from damaging effects of sun and digital life -


When Isaac Saliendra started a retail brand seven years ago, people were often surprised upon meeting him. “I wasn’t corporate enough” the 28 year-old said. Little did he know the day his first ten thousand pesos he invested on his business would be the start of something great.

He started selling bags and watches, but it was eyewear that eventually sold well — but not without challenges along the way.

After doing some trend analysis and market research, he realized that the fashion eyewear market was heavily dominated by oversees suppliers, that leveraged substantial controls on all pricing, distribution, and manufacturing. So he expanded his network. He quickly learned this was the reason that prices for eyewear is cheap and the quality is low. 

He realized there was a major void in the market between high-end designer sunglasses and low-end beater shades. 
So he created PECULIAR, where the choices for eyewear are stylish, relevant, affordable and dependable. 

The name PECULIAR represents his life story. “I’m different in a lot of ways, so why not make a brand that represents different people who can defy the odds?” After launching PECULIAR in e-commerce market, the brand received overwhelmingly positive responses and Isaac learned that he needed more style to offer his target audience if he wants to be successful.

Now, PECULIAR is a well known eyewear brand that makes trendy, sturdy, fashionable eyewear with quality lenses that are intended to block blue light and UV rays. Their frames are meant to be worn indoors and outdoors, and they don’t promise vision correction. Instead, they claim to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun and your digital life. 

In recent months,PECULIAR have tapped an ever larger stable of lifestyle bloggers, celebrities, and well-known personalities to get out the word about their glasses.

It’s possible to score a great pair of protective eyewear from PECULIAR and judging by customer reviews, many people do. — not only because of the quality of their eyewear but also for its exceptional return policy (30 days) which can be executed on their e-commerce page and on their website

Seasoned broadcast journalist Ces Drilon is one of the endorsers of Peculiar: She believes in the core values of the brand and has helped CEO Isaac Saliendra develop strategies to hone the brand. You can check their website to shop from the Ces Style x Peculiar collection.
Each Peculiar Eyewear has anti-radiation, UV400 protection, and blue light filter technology.

Visit to purchase.

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