REVIEW: Peculiar Eyewear’s Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass is a need during hours of work-from-home and online classes - peculiareyewear

REVIEW: Peculiar Eyewear’s Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass is a need during hours of work-from-home and online classes

In the midst of a global pandemic, students and workers alike now face laptop or phone screens to do requirements.

Just like before, they spend several hours studying or working. But now, they leave their eyes at risk more.

Several hours of work from home and online classes and facing the monitor could dry and tire our eyes.

WebMD cites the blue light, or the light given off by gadgets, as a link to problems such as eye strain and blurry vision.

For that reason, Peculiar Eyewear has just the right protection for you!

Recently, the eyewear company gave Village Pipol the chance to test their ALEX Round Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass in Metallic Frame.

Localized packaging

Evidently, Peculiar Eyewear presents their love for local with the packaging of their eyewear.

PHOTO: Kobe Laurena

Upon receiving their product, it aesthetically pleases with a box design of a jeepney with different eyeglass styles as passengers.

Each side of the box has every angle of the jeepney donning the colors of the Philippine flag.

Truly, Peculiar Eyewear takes pride in its products for being locally made and conceptualized in the Philippines.

What’s in the box?

Opening the colorful box wows with you with an eyeglass case in grey, a minimalist yet sleek design.

PHOTO: Kobe Laurena

Furthermore, it contains a small flashlight that gives off blue light and a test card for the glasses.

As you open the case, you see the glasses looking hip and modern, veering away from the usual design you see in other eyeglasses.

The time for testing

This Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass equips itself with a UV400+lens with BlueShield and Safe Shield Technology.

In other words, it gives protection from the harmful blue light emitted by our gadgets when we use them for hours.

Indeed, the glasses prove this. I put on the glasses for 4 hours to test if my eyes would feel strained.

After editing some articles and playing Genshin Impact, I took it and still felt relief from my eyes.

There were little to no signs of stress from my eyes, which the blue light usually damages after exposing themselves to it.

In addition, the glasses feel comfortable when placed on your face. I felt no discomfort while I worked and played.

PHOTO: Adam Laurena

Moreover, the glasses have non-graded lenses, making me feel the glasses are really for anyone.

Though, it can be replaced for people who have graded lenses.

Also, it felt so lightweight to me, adding solace to the protection it brings against the blue light.

If 4 hours of work no longer strain your eyes with the Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass, what more if I use it every day?

The final verdict

Truly, Peculiar Eyewear stays true to its vision of helping the world be and see in a better place.

Peculiar Eyewear's Anti Radiation Blue Light Eyeglass
PHOTO: Kobe Laurena

Honestly, people now living in a technological society need this, a great help in adjusting to the new normal.

Laptops, cellphones, and other gadgets have made more marks in this world now that the pandemic has limited people in the confines of their homes.

Upon using the eyeglass, I can agree that it is a must-have, especially during this time.

The Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass is a need for people who work from home, have online classes, or even just want to spend their day gaming or scrolling social media.

Get yours now and it is guaranteed that you can face your monitors worry-free from eye irritation and others.

Grab a pair!

Make your work, school, gaming, or social media life easier with the Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass by Peculiar Eyewear.

Get a pair by purchasing it in Peculiar Eyewear’s official Shopee store by clicking HERE.

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Follow their official Shopee store for an P88 voucher and more updates!

What are you waiting for? Go get your Anti-Radiation Blue Lens Eyeglass from Peculiar Eyewear now!



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