The #1 Gaming Eyewear in the Esports Industry

The #1 Gaming Eyewear in the Esports Industry

Although the development of digital technology has provided many conveniences, it has also exposed people to more radiation and blue light. Particularly among gamers and streamers. The said prolonged screen time can cause eye strain, exhaustion, and even long-term health issues.

Peculiar Eyewear as the #1 Anti-Radiation Gaming Eyewear is a solution created to address these problems head-on. These eyewear products are designed to filter dangerous blue light and minimize exposure to radiation from screens, allowing gamers to play for extended periods of time without risking their health.

In addition, The Games and Amusement Board considers Peculiar Eyewear as their official eyewear, which makes Peculiar Eyewear more necessary and reliable in the gaming industry.

One of the primary reasons behind the GAB's selection of Peculiar Eyewear as their official eyewear provider is a shared commitment to safety. Peculiar Eyewear has long been recognized for its high-quality materials, durability, and compliance with safety standards. Their eyewear is designed to protect the eyes, ensuring that athletes and participants remain safe during their activities. The official partnership between Peculiar Eyewear and the Games and Amusement Board marks an exciting new chapter in the world of sports and entertainment. Not only does it prioritize safety and functionality, but it also emphasizes the importance of individual style. 

Peculiar Eyewear has, once again, proven its versatility as a brand that can cater to the unique needs of diverse individuals and organizations. As the official eyewear of the GAB, Peculiar Eyewear ensures that athletes, entertainers, and officials can perform their duties with style, comfort, and safety. This innovative collaboration is not just about eyewear; it's about making a statement in the world of sports and entertainment


Peculiar Eyewear in the Gaming Industry


Peculiar Eyewear as the Official Sponsor of PUBG Mobile Event.


Peculiar Eyewear as GameLab's Brand Partner and Sponsor. 



Peculiar Eyewear as a Sponsor on the RMC (Realme Mobile Legend Cup) - July 2023

Why Peculiar Eyewear is Essential for Pro Players and Non-Pro Players?

Improved Comfort: Put an end to eye soreness and discomfort during protracted gaming sessions. Players can concentrate on the game because of the unsurpassed visual clarity that Peculiar Eyewear offers. Feel comfortable by playing without worrying about eye damage. 

Reduced Health Risks: By reducing exposure to dangerous blue light and radiation, Peculiar eyewear helps protect players' long-term health, allowing them to continue to pursue their passion for gaming for years to come. Radiation may cause long-term health problems, block those radiations away, as early as possible.                

Peak Performance: Gamers may play at their highest level ever with less eye strain and better visual clarity, providing a bigger competitive advantage and focus. 



What will you get for NOT wearing protective gaming eyewear?

Not wearing gaming eyewear, particularly in situations where it is designed to provide benefits, can have negative effects related to eye strain and potential long-term eye health. Peculiar gaming eyewear, often equipped with features like blue light filters and anti-glare coatings, is intended to alleviate the following issues, so not wearing them may lead to:

1.Digital Eye Strain, often known as computer vision syndrome, is brought on by prolonged screen time, whether it be through gaming or other digital hobbies. Eye tiredness, dryness, headaches, and focus issues are possible symptoms.

2.Blue Light Exposure: Gaming monitors and displays emit blue light, which, when used right before bed, can mess with circadian rhythms and disturb sleep cycles. Overexposure to blue light may eventually cause eye strain and impede the quality of your sleep.

3.Discomfort and Fatigue: Without gaming eyewear, extended gaming sessions can cause discomfort, eye fatigue, and reduced overall gaming performance. Gamers may find themselves needing more frequent breaks to rest their eyes.

4.Potential Long-Term Effects: While research is ongoing, prolonged exposure to blue light from screens may have potential long-term effects on eye health, such as an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or other vision problems.

  1. Reduced Performance: Gamers who experience eye strain or discomfort due to not wearing gaming eyewear may see a decrease in their performance and enjoyment of games.



The collaboration between Peculiar Eyewear as the #1 Gaming Eyewear and the mentioned growing Esports team and Esports Events, represents a significant milestone in the world of professional gaming. It illustrates the growing recognition of the importance of eye protection and performance enhancement in Esports. This combination is not only about enhancing performance; it is about elevating the entire Esports industry, ensuring that players and teams reach their full potential while maintaining their health and well-being. The future of gaming has never looked clearer. 

Author: Fionna Sayas

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