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Peculiar Eyewear Minchin Cat's Eye Sunglasses Replaceable Lens for Men and Women

Peculiar Eyewear Minchin Cat's Eye Sunglasses Replaceable Lens for Men and Women

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✨Peculiar Eyewear Specification


✨1 Sized frame size as follows: See measurement posted.


😎Frame Type: Full rim

🕶️Frame Material: Polycarbonate

👓Frame Shape: Cat Eye

🔍Lens Material: Tri Acetate Cellulose 

🛡️Lens Types:  

                  (Blue Light Blocking Lens w/ UV Protection)

                  (Photochromic with Blue Light Blocking Protection & UV Protection Talk to our Chat Agent or search the Variant if you're looking for a Photochromic Lens)

✨Gender: Unisex

✨Lens Color: Mirrored Lens and Tinted Lens


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