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Peculiar Eyewear x PHERA HUGO Square UV400 Sunglasses Sunscreen SPF60 PA++++ for Men and Women

Peculiar Eyewear x PHERA HUGO Square UV400 Sunglasses Sunscreen SPF60 PA++++ for Men and Women

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✅ Feel the difference on first use!

Enjoy longer screen time!

⭐ Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews

Blacklist International Eyewear

‍⚕‍ Trusted by Eye Doctors Pro-Gamers & Celebrity!

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Dry eyes,️ Eye strains, Bad Visions, Headaches, ️ Start Eye Protection with Peculiar™

Designed to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays and harmful light from digital screens. Excellent for extended wear time and computer work. Experience eye comfort and style statement in one Eyewear! Peculiar Eyewear offers generous dimensions and a variety of colorways suitable for both women and men.

Every day, people are exposed to harmful light. It is time to protect your eyes with Peculiar Eyewear, which provides maximum eye protection. It blocks harmful light from digital screens (phones, tablets, laptops, computers) and the sun to reduce the risk of digital eye strain, prevent headaches, and improve sleep! Peculiar Eyewear is proven and tested by eye doctors to minimize the risk of severe eye conditions that can lead to vision loss. Aside from eye protection, Peculiar Eyewear also offers trendy and minimalist frame designs—a fashion accessory to compliment your look and style.

Trusted by Asian's Premier Esports and Entertainment Brand trusted rising gaming eyewear, Tier One Entertainment, and MLBB M3 World Champions, Blacklist International. Develop to give a full gaming experience for gamers. Durable and comfortable, so you can always stay on top of your game. Built to combat the digital world and optimized for gaming and extended screen time.

About us : Peculiar is a brand that sees the world differently by valuing its customer first and being a socially aware company. Founded by Eye Doctors, Journalists, and Philanthropist, we believed affordable eyewear should be available to everyone. We pioneered computer eyewear and optical frames in South East Asia. Our eyewear is equipped with UV400 and harmful light blocking technology to keep your eyes protected from prolonged exposure to digital devices.

Peculiar Eyewear has already sold over four (4) million eyeglasses globally since 2014. All of our lenses passed Spectrometer and International Standard for Quality Control. The brand is also internationally recognized and featured in numerous news publications.

As part of the brand's sustainable initiative, Peculiar Eyewear believes that we should be socially responsible in everything we do. We take part in the Climate Change Action Plan by having tree planting programs, reusing our eyewear raw waste materials by mixing them with concrete in building our new warehouse, and using solar in our facility. We also value Filipino children’s education, for every purchase we make, we give art kits to students.


Each eyewear is carefully crafted and assembled in the Philippines, featuring distinct designs unique in every frame. Peculiar Eyewear is made to last longer than any ordinary eyeglasses. It passed through the naked eye test three (3) times, UV400 and Spectrum Transmission Test individually to guarantee the safety of the Eyewear. Eco-friendly Eyewear, all production waste is repurposed.

Eye Clinic

Peculiar Eyewear has its own eye clinic that is why you know that we provide the best option for your eyes.

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